Date: March 27  2014
Category: photoshoot

featured-image-obligation-to-self-design“In a society in which design has taken over the function of religion, self-design becomes a creed” ©Boris GroysThe obligation to self-design is the title of an article by Boris Groys. The article is, more specifically, about the aestheticization of our lives as a ‘Godless people’. Or at least, in order to not generalize too much, as it is in my life since I consider it to be Godless.

Materialism, and in particular consumerism, has caused us to not only think about God’s opinion when we stand before him in our afterlife. Moreover, it has caused us the trouble of considering the opinion of all those other consumers around us in the life we’re currently living. So, as I wrote in one of my blogs for First of August, it is not only the resources in our wardrobes with which we construct our identity, it is especially the people we love, friends and family, people we look up to and inspire us that influence us in our daily choices when getting dressed.

So, what do you consider before getting dressed in the morning?

Designs are by DeDo, K’NAF Couture and tailor-made in Ghana.


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