Date: February 04  2014
Category: African inspired fashion(s)

featured-image-culturally-colored-fashion-identity“[..] the relationship between identity and clothing is not fixed and predetermined; instead, identities are constructed in a process of both choosing and wearing clothing. In this process, we [women] are not considering our identities in an abstract sense not philosophy over ‘who I am’ through grandiose theory, but are defining our identities through specific items of clothing” (Woodward 2007: 13).

This is a quote by one of my favourite authors/scholars. I have also used it as general quote on top of my ‘identity page’ because I consider it a ‘truth’ in which I sincerely believe. How we define our identity with clothing depends on many things. For me,  it depends on what I feel like when I get up in the morning. The people I will meet and the locations I will visit. Furthermore, each piece of clothing that I own tells a story about who I used to be, who I am today and who I wish to be.

Ndebele people are originally from South Africa and Zimbabwe. Their daily life is surrounded by beautifully colored, geometrical prints; in their clothing, jewelry, artifacts and in their architecture. These colorful cultural artifacts have been re-used (or copied) by many: Alexandre Herchcovitch, Mara Hoffman, Christian Louboutin and Nike.

Wearing those items.. What does it say? What will it reveal? What’d we wish to say? I’d wear the Louboutins, but why?


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