Date: November 12  2014
Category: fashion & technology

featured-image-salonbig-bang-at-oude-kerkThis Summer (2014), SALON/ presented an exhibition at the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam. The exhibition was inspired by the idea that “universe, earth, plants, animals and humans originate from an act of creation. This creation can be seen as a sudden unique moment as well as a gradually, ongoing process, namely ‘Big Bang’.” Fashion designer Conny Groenewegen was one of the                                                                                          participants in the exhibition. Conny and I have met in quite a special way. We met during the opening of another exhibition and, for some sort of special reason, we got intrigued by each other. She has inspiring ideas about creation. Whether it is creating a product, ideas or processes. Every now and then I get a sneak peak into her world of wonders and we talk about the important issues in life: who am I? What am I good at? How can I evolve, what’s the next step? Together we curated the launch of a new documentary: ‘The Next Black’. I asked Conny for an outfit that would suit my role as moderator. Primary Explorers; A reflective outfit with which we started to experiment. The end result was more than ‘The Next Black’ presentation in EYE. It became a video. Together we explored the “evolution of ideas at the interface of fashion, technology and design.”