Date: April 26  2014
Category: photoshoot

featured-image-pics-and-prints-in-shri¦ä-lam¦çka¦ä"The Eye Has to Travel" [..] As I did in Accra, Ghana, we organised a photo shoot in several different settings during our travels through Sri Lanka. I took many of my prints from Ghana, the Netherlands, Portugal and Denmark and wore them with pride in Sri Lanka. Inspiration moves back and forth between cultures, as do I. What I noticed during my stay in Sri Lanka, is that especially women still wear their national attire. Or, maybe I should say regional dress because one has to be cautious since there is not one particular style. There are three major communities, namely the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. Like we formerly had in the Netherlands with our regional dress, all three have their own clothing prescriptions. In my oppinion, the beauty of it all lays in the modern context in which the clothing is still worn. Why don't we have more references to regional dress in our everyday wear? Pictures taken by Jessica Put-Tolman in Colombo. Prints by Akosombo Textiles, American VintageVliscoWood Wood and ZARA.


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