Date: January 26  2014
Category: fabric design

featured-image-mali-mudcloth-inspired-fashions"In the twenty-first century, the era of globalization and instantaneous communication par excellence, such issues (Western designers inspired by their African colleagues and vice versa red.) disclose the interrelationship between African and European fashions. Inspiration and creativity, fueled by the allure of exoticism may become a global dialogue, which goes both ways" ©Kristyne Loughran, author of 'The Idea of Africa in European High Fashion: Global Dialogues' in Fashion Theory, Vol 13, Issue 2, 2009. I see Mali Mudcloth everywhere. It will probably pop-up even more since we still have Summer to come. The way the print is used is adjusted to suit a different, 'non-African' market. Besides the translation of Mali Mudcloth, also Vlisco prints are coppied and Ghanaian Kente is borrowed for printed counterparts. 'Ethically' printed fashion fabrics seems to be in vogue. Images: Oscar de la RentaGivenchyMarina Rinaldi, Avantgarde, Oh Yes Magazine and  l’Officiel.


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